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Meet a new generation of disruptors. These young minds are working on the world of tomorrow and work on change. We question the familiar. Aren’t afraid to think outside the box. We deviate from the beaten path. Break taboos. Together, we provide an answer to the question that has yet to be asked.

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Our playground is where the new disruptors meet. Together, we will put our society back in motion. At Techruption, technological innovations are linked to social innovations. This is where we work on the next big thing.We invent and investigate. We experiment and take action. At Techruption, we work on innovations in blockchain, artificial intelligence and climate change. We do this across sectors, working together with businesses, students and knowledge partners. And with the new disruptors. Thanks to disruptive technologies, we can offer alternatives for the future. Our innovations change our lives, the way we learn and innovate. How we save and pay, work and travel. They disrupt the status quo.

We disrupt the status quo.
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