Apr 07 2020

Online Event – Blockchain Ideation workshop – How to balance transparency with confidentiality? 2/2

10:00 - 12:00
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Title: Ideation on problems with confidentiality vs privacy and possible solutions

To comply with the coronavirus (COVID-19) safety measures, this event will take place online. Registered people will receive a link to enter our Microsoft Teams online meeting room, which you will be able to access easily via your current e-mail address.



  • 10:00 Ideation on problems with confidentiality vs privacy and possible solution, by Maarten Everts, TNO.
  • 11:00 Discuss and define potential Techruption use cases, moderated by Maarten Everts and Martine vd Gaar, TNO.
  • 11:30 Decision and next steps
  • 11:40 Closure and wrap up
  • 12:00 End

Now that we have moved beyond the blockchain hype, we can look into practical issues one runs into when using blockchain technology to make cooperation between companies, government bodies and other parties smarter. In this online session we will explore a specific issue that is often raised after the initial celebrations of successful proof-of-concept implementation have died down: how to balance transparency with confidentiality?In this online session you will learn more about which confidentiality and privacy solutions can help organizations achieve this balance between transparency and confidentiality. Also for people with a non-technical background, at the end of the session you will understand which solutions can be applied to make the next step with blockchain.

The shared truth that the blockchain provides is nicely transparent & auditable, and even programmable (smart contracts!). However, most things that matter have aspects that you do not want the whole world to know. It could be confidential information that might benefit your competitors (pricing information, market size, etc) or you simply want to protect the privacy of the people involved.

Luckily, there are methods to find a balance between transparency on the one hand and confidentiality on the other. Some work on an architectural level (move things off-chain), others require the application of advanced cryptography (e.g., zero-knowledge proofs, zk-SNARKS, bulletproofs).

Techruption hosts several activities surrounding blockchain technology to achieve smarter operations. In this online session (details below) we will first take a good look at the confidentiality & privacy solutions in the blockchain world before we will do an ideation session at a later point in time.

Brightlands Techruption will organize two online sessions on this topic and this is Session 2/2.



This session follows after the deep dive on confidentiality and privacy concepts in the blockchain world, which took place on March 24 .

Watch the video below to see or recap that session.
The slides presented during the deep dive can be found here.


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