Apr 08 2020

Online Event – Ideation Workshop on SSI & Guardianship

10:00 - 12:00
Brightlands Smart Services Campus
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IMPORTANT: To comply with the coronavirus (COVID-19) safety measures, this event will take place online. The agenda and schedule will be adjusted to fit the online environment and will be available soon.

Brightlands Techruption Smart customer services: SSI & Guardianship ideation session

Techruption hosts a cluster of activities that uses Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology to make administrative processes much more efficient, more privacy-friendly, and less error-prone. SSI offers individuals more control over their data and allows organizations to reduce the administrative load. However, some individuals cannot act in all transactions for themselves and organizations can delegate an individual to act for them, think about signing a contract on behalf of your work or your child that needs a bank account. In this ideation session, we want to explain how guardianship and delegation can solve this problem using SSI. We also want to talk about the current situation: how does it work now? After an inventory of the current difficulties, a plan will be decided for this use case.


  • 10.00 Presentation about SSI and guardianship by Sterre dan Breeijen, TNO
  • 10.30 Guardianship in a non SSI world; sharing examples by everyone
  • 11:00 The dream: guardianship with SSI by Sterre dan Breeijen, TNO
  • 11.15 Decision on the use case
  • 11:45 Wrap up and closure
  • 12:00 End

The Techruption SSI Guardianship ideation session is open for everyone who wants to be actively involved with SSI.

* Explanation Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Many administrative processes require manual filling in complicated forms (e.g. request for a wheelchair, a subsidy, a mortgage). This information is then manually checked by the receiving organization before a decision is made to provide the applicant with the service. On top of that, applicants often have no way of knowing what data is shared between which organizations. In Techruption we use “self-sovereign identity” (SSI), a decentralized secure networking technology that allows users to digitally share validated credentials about themselves (e.g. do I have a condition that requires a wheelchair, am I insured, am I the owner of a monumental house, am I the owner of a company). By using these validated credentials, organizations no longer manually need to check the validity of the information, and decision making can be automated to be realtime. Patients have full transparency about what data is used where and can share only the most limited amount of data necessary (e.g. I’m older than 18 instead of sharing my birthdate).