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Jun 27 2018

Next Level Conference Dutch Blockchain Hackathon 2018

12:00 - 19:00
Brightlands Smart Services Campus (Smedestraat 2, 6411 CR Heerlen)
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Each year a next level. What is the next level and what is it for you?

The next level is what we make of it. Start collaborating and help shape the Blockchaingers Innovation Program #BC1819 at the Blockchaingers Next Level Conference on Wednesday, June 27 at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen.

Together with a complete ecosystem of the best teams, launching customers, consulting, legal and technology partners we reflect on the achievements of this season #BC1718, as well as the results of the biggest blockchain hackathon in the world. Learn first hand from the successes and pitfalls of the winning teams and how to develop the ultimate blockchain innovation strategy from participating partners. These amazing stories of pioneering provide inspiration and tell us what we can achieve if we collaborate. Moreover, the results of this season provide the fundamental building blocks to get to that Next Level with the ecosystem in #BC1819. One thing is certain: we all want to reach that Next Level. So after these stories, we explore our ambitions and goals for the next season together, so we can learn and grow as an ecosystem.

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Conference highlights

– What did the winning teams of #BC1718 achieve in 100 days of acceleration? But more importantly: what do they need from the ecosystem to get to the Next Level in the coming 1000 days?
– How to get to the ultimate blockchain innovation strategy? Insights from all public and private Track Lead Sponsors. And how to get involved as a third party (a startup for example).
– We picked our learnings of #BC1718 and want to share our vision for next year, while we want you to help us choose the building blocks for #BC1819.

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