Jun 03 2020

Online Event – Techruption Ideation on Data-Driven Personalization (3/3)

10:00 - 12:00
Microsoft Teams
To comply with the coronavirus (COVID-19) safety measures, this event will take place online. You will receive a link to enter our Microsoft Teams online meeting room, which you will be able to access easily via your current e-mail address.


Brightlands Techruption in collaboration with Mark Graus, assistant professor in the BISS Research Institute, organizes a series of sessions on data-driven personalization. In these sessions you will have the opportunity to learn how big data can be leveraged to improve customer interaction for your organization and where you should start looking if you want to adopt data-driven personalization. This will be done through lectures, hands-on exercises and Q&A.

In this event we will brainstorm and explore potential use cases of data-driven personalization. Participants will receive a personal invitation. Invitees will be Techruption partners and other organizations interested in participating in data-driven personalization use cases.

To participate, please send an e-mail to Pieter Custers at pieter.custers@brightlands.com

We rely increasingly more on the internet. We use mobile apps and websites for activities ranging from entertainment to handling finances and even grocery shopping. Organizations providing these services can rely on huge amounts of data describing how people interact with their products or services.

Data-driven personalization relies on this data to optimize the services provided to customers. Think for example about how organizations like Netflix recommend movies to watch, how Spotify recommends music to listen to and how a mobile phone providers alters the wording in their e-mail newsletters from person to person to make sure the recipients are more likely to open the newsletter. By relying on data to infer needs or preferences from our customers, we can tailor our services in such a way that we cater to the individual customer. This offers potential benefits of increasing customer satisfaction and revenue.

About Mark Graus

Mark Graus is an Assistant Professor on Data-Driven Personalization at Maastricht University. He relies on his background in Human-Technology Interaction and combines machine learning with fundamental psychological theory to design system that adapt themselves automatically to meet their users’ needs based on their interaction. His research focuses on various systems (ranging from websites to mobile apps) in various domains (ranging from parenting to music recommendations).

To participate, please send an e-mail to Pieter Custers at pieter.custers@brightlands.com

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