Mar 12 2020

POSTPONED – Smart Customer Interactions Day

09:30 - 15:00
Brightlands Smart Services Campus
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On March 12 Brightlands Techruption is organizing the Smart Customer Interactions Day. Good customer experiences improves satisfaction, loyalty and trust, but are challenging to achieve in today’s competitive landscapes. New technologies, digitalization and data science provide new opportunities to create experiences that engage customers and create a competitive advantage.

At this event we display several ways in which smart customer interactions can improve your customer relations. You will have the opportunity to meet scientist and other organizations that work on the same challenge. You can expect key notes from academic and business perspectives, interactive sessions and concrete examples of new solutions in areas like data-driven personalization, virtual reality in customer experiences and emotion recognition in customer interaction.

Speakers of the day will be: Dr. Jonas Heller (UM) on AR & VR customer experiences, Dr. ir. Mark Graus (UM) on Data driven personalization, René Rateischak (APG) on emotion recognition in customer interactions, Pieter Verhagen (TNO) on trusted communication and Kay Schröder on Data Visualization.




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