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Apr 10 2019

Smart up Track #7

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Smart Climate Opportunities organizes the Smart-up Track: a challenging 4-day program on climate change that prepares you for the worldwide fundamental transition towards a smart and sustainable economy. Key players in the area of climate change will inform you about the latest knowledge and developments. Furthermore they help you recognize the opportunities that climate change offers and to put them into practice within your own organization.

After the Smart-up Track:
 You have gained knowledge about the latest facts in the field of Climate Change;
 You have gained new insights into the opportunities for your business in the field of Climate Change;
 You have worked on your personal profile as a (change) manager;
 You have formulated and initiated new use-cases which are relevant for your own organization;
 You have an extensive network of scientists, entrepreneurs and managers.

For who:
 Innovation managers;
 Asset managers;
 Policy advisers.
 Business developers;

Day 1: April 10 – Utrecht
Day 2: May 16 –  Amsterdam
Day 3: May 17 – Amsterdam
Day 4: June 05 – Utrecht

Costs: For the partners of Techruption, participation in the Smart-up Track is free.

For corporates that are not affiliated with Techruption, the participation costs are € 2.950,- per person.

For start-ups, knowledge institutions and public organizations that are not affiliated with Techruption, the participation costs are €1.475,- per person.

All other costs of the Smart-up Track, including lunch, dinner and drinks, are included in the participation fee.

For every partner of Techruption we have 4 spots available. We are looking for decision makers who have the mindset to turn knowledge into action!

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