Jun 11 2020

Webinar: Brightlands Techruption Smart Service Systems Deep Dive

10:00 - 12:00
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To comply with the coronavirus (COVID-19) safety measures, this event will take place online. The agenda and schedule will be adjusted to fit the online environment and you will receive a link after registration.

On Thursday June 11 Brightlands Techruption and World Class Maintenance organize the Smart Service Systems Deep Dive webinar.

Towards Future Proof Asset Management systems

Right now we are in the early stages of a new epoch in technology. ‘Smart Services Systems for Asset Management’ are connected, data-driven, semi-automatic systems that permanently monitor machinery and technical installations in the manufacturing and utilities sector. Data, analysis, and connectivity promise to optimize the finest details of manufacturing and utilities processes.

These new systems will allow both extreme cost reduction for maintenance and downtime in production systems as well as achieving, in an efficient way, sustainability goals. Most importantly, these new systems are expected to generate new revenue streams for adoptees by creating new value-adding, data-driven smart services – new business models which we can hardly yet imagine. 

All these benefits can only be harvested if they are optimally embedded in the business organization: there needs to be a sound digital strategy in place, decision making on all management layers, and across all business functions (e.g., procurement, operations, sales, finance, human resources) needs to be in line with the level of digitization. The smart service systems webinar is about this interface between digital technology and the business, with a focus on optimal asset management.

The webinar itself

This webinar is hosted by Brightlands Techruption and World Class Maintenance and will provide a forum for selected companies and researchers in the region to share their cutting-edge ideas and developments in this domain. Topics that will be discussed by both academic and business include:

• Pricing and contracts for smart services,
• Digital business models,
• Risk modeling applications in asset management,
• Condition Based Maintenance, Autonomous Plant, Energy Efficiency

The Webinar will offer 4 short presentations which will be shared with the participants prior to the online live-conference. During the online event we will deep dive into the content and have Q&A’s with the participants.

Why should I and/or my company participate?

Learn from the latest academic research, hear all about real life examples of businesses and get inspired to get started, or take the next steps to make your asset management systems future proof! As with any emerging technology or market, those who are in the know are the ones who can move first when the technology matures.

For whom is this event

This webinar is for Techruption partners and invited parties.
An ideation session will be planned in 

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