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Mark Pluymaekers

  • Mark Pluymaekers
  • Rudolf Müller

  • Business Intelligence and Smart Services (BISS)

    Research Associate
    Comes fromMeerssen, The Netherlands

    Mark Pluymaekers was born on January 25, 1980 in Meerssen, the city he returned to in 2008 and where he now lives with his wife Peggy and children Hanna (6) and Pim (4). He calls this town in Limburg “the best of both worlds”, small-town advantages with facilities within reach. “Besides, the grandparents live nearby, so this is very convenient.” As a child, Pluymaekers didn’t read science fiction; he read Suske en Wiske (comic books). After getting his bachelor’s degree in Oriental Languages and Communication, he discovered during his master’s degree program in Communication and Information Sciences that he “loved” research. He got his PhD at Radboud University, having done his dissertation on phonetic reductions in spoken Dutch. He is currently Professor of International Relationship Management at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Maastricht. At Techruption, Mark Pluymaekers is working on behalf of BISS on the use case “virtual senior agent”, which investigates the possibilities of using artificial intelligence to ensure that call center employees can work more efficiently and better answer customers’ questions. In addition to BISS, APG, PGGM and Obvion are also involved in the use case. Service Science Factory provides support.

    Call centers invest in virtual assistant

    A virtual senior agent who supports call center staff with the aid of artificial intelligence. In studying the use case on this topic, research associate Mark Pluymaekers sees various types of challenges in this area, two of which are the use of dialects and privacy. At least eight variables play…

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