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New Blockchain & AI incubator starts march 26th

The Blockchain & Ai Incubation program consists of an 9-week fulltime Venture Essentials bootcamp with a maximum of two years Venture Boost program. The first 9 weeks in the Incubator Essentials program are all about preparing the grounds for your startup’s development. Together, we will set the foundations for your success and connect you with the experts who can help make your ideas a reality. We will work in partnership with you to get your ideas off paper and out into the real world.

During the program, you will get a number of masterclasses and workshops, both in business and technical masterclasses / workshops. Apart from that, you will have to live by one of our core principles: Get Out of the Building! A very important part of our program is going out; talking to potential customers, partners, suppliers and other players within the value chain in order to validate your assumptions. Of course, you can make use of our extensive network in Blockchain and AI.

You will also be linked to a number of Venture Experts from our network. We will link a minimum of three experts to your team during a special matchmaking day at the start of the program. These experts will support you in your development throughout the course of the program.

By the end of the program, which is based on a combination of the Lean Startup Methodology, Business Model Canvas and Design Thinking, you should have a validated and scalable business model containing:

• Customer segments;
• Value propositions;
• Channels;
• Customer Relationships;
• Revenue Streams;
• Key Resources;
• Key Activities;
• Key Partnerships;
• Cost Structure.

Furthermore, you should have proven the technical feasibility of your product, formed a team and have a list of potential customers.