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On October 26, Techruption started its own Techruption Consortium Blockchain experiment.  

The Techruption Consortium Blockchain is a permissioned blockchain based on Quorum technology and currently has six nodes for KPN, Rabobank, APG, Accenture, TNO and Brightlands Smart Services Campus.

The goal of this blockchain is to acquire knowledge of and experience with settings up and running a collective blockchain. After all, sooner or later every blockchain project ends up facing the “make-or-buy” question: are we going to run our blockchain applications (smart contracts) on an existing blockchain, or are we going to set up a new, collective blockchain? What are the criteria for this decision and what are the pitfalls?

Several parties (KPN, Rabobank, APG, Accenture, TNO, CZ, Zuyderland and the Chamber of Commerce) are developing a blueprint for a permissioned blockchain within the Techruption program at Brightlands Smart Services Campus. This blueprint contains a specification for the business model, governance and technology. These elements will be tested over the next few months in a series of experiments, such as the onboarding of new nodes and applications.