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Rabobank and Techruption collaborate on pioneering blockchain applications

Rabobank Nederland is joining the Techruption initiative at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen. The bank wants to be a trendsetter in the application of blockchain for its customers, and views Techruption as an interesting development partner to reinforce its ambitions.

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Techruption is the first field lab in the Netherlands that is fully geared toward the development of blockchain, artificial intelligence and applications to fight the effects of climate change. Techruption began in January 2017, and Rabobank is preceded by parties such as TNO, KPN, APG, Accenture and IBM in joining the initiative. Co-creation makes Techruption an innovative community that takes on cross-sectoral challenges at an international level.

Co-creation makes Techruption an innovative community that takes on cross-sectoral challenges at an international level.

There is a substantial demand for concrete cases where blockchain may be applied. Rabobank will use the partnership with Techruption to find solutions for current problems in logistics, trade and industry. Among other things, blockchain can contribute to making transactions more secure. Marco Bosma, SVP Fintech & Innovation at Rabobank, explains. “The unique thing about blockchain is that you can document agreements in a digital agreement, a so-called ‘smart contract’, which you use to determine who you will grant access to your data. As a bank, we will be able to use this technology to facilitate a broad range of business transactions in the future.”

Embedding blockchain technologies

Current developments need to be embedded in today’s society, and one party must take charge of these activities. Peter Verkoulen, CEO of the Brightlands Smart Services Campus, is extremely pleased about the partnership with the Rabobank. “Techruption is a breeding ground for new innovative activity, and has the potential to take on this leading role. Having an international party like the Rabobank on board will enable us to work on a broader political support base.”

At Techruption, startups work according to an intensive incubation program. For scientists and developers, Techruption offers a unique way of working that makes it possible to collaborate with several different parties. “The strength lies in cross-pollination. We also want to contribute to this by sharing our knowledge and skills, but also by deploying our international network. Techruption has the potential to become a European leader in the blockchain field,” according to Bosma.

Techruption is part of the Brightlands Smart Services Campus, an open innovation community where scientists, entrepreneurs, students and investors work together on digital transformation in sustainability and health. The Brightlands Smart Services Campus focuses primarily on the development and facilitation of a community that can convert data into smart services. The “founding fathers” of the campus are APG, Maastricht University and the Province of Limburg.

Catharina Burgman. Translation: Allison Klein