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Successful seminar of Techruption Consortium Blockchain

The recent seminar of Techruption Consortium Blockchain (Heerlen, 9 March 2018) was centered around the question “what does it take to deploy and run a blockchain together?”. The first set of presentations shared learning experiences from the Consortium Blockchain use case. It was shown that both the technical deployment and the development of governance and a business model for a consortium blockchain is more complex than some people might expect, but it is quite feasible with the right focused attention. Two demo’s were presented, demonstrating blockchain applications for trusted secure communication and for self-sovereign identity. The second set of presentations highlighted blockchain experiments in healthcare, fintech and logistics. Two blockchain start-ups presented their proposition as well as their main requirements for underlying blockchain infrastructures. A panel session brought attention to the need for interoperability between blockchain infrastructures and solutions that span multiple blockchain infrastructures. The third set of presentations looked at next steps for Techruption Consortium Blockchain, towards a more operational research infrastructure for blockchains and blockchain applications. Finally, the first version of blueprint document of the Techruption Consortium Blockchain was ceremonially presented to Marc Wouters, Community Manager of Techruption.

Please contact us, if you are interested in joining the Consortium Blockchain use case, or to test and deploy your own blockchain application on this infrastructure.


Oskar van Deventer