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Brightlands Smart Services Campus

Techruption is located at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen. The Brightlands Smart Services Campus is a revolutionary institute consisting of brilliant researchers and educators, innovative entrepreneurs, and companies leading the way in human resource management and smart technologies. Together, they will form one of the world’s leading locations for smart services. It’s a place where we connect scientific and business ecosystems.

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Here we focus primarily on the development and facilitation of a community that can convert data into smart services. Providing an ecosystem for open innovation in the field of data-driven smart services through which companies can gather information (more) intelligently and use it to create economic added value in their products and services.

The Campus is the ideal breeding ground for talented people – from students to young professionals – that would like to generate added value for companies on the basis of customer data. The campus provides an ecosystem for open innovation in the field of data-driven smart services.

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