Automated administrative decision making based on validated information


In healthcare many administrative processes require manual filling in of complicated forms (e.g. request for a wheelchair). This information is then manually checked by the receiving organization, before a decision is made (yes or no provide the wheelchair). Patients often have no way of knowing what data is shared between which organizations.

In the Techruption use-case “self sovereign identity” (SSI) we showcase an app and an underlying decentralized secure networking technology that allows patients to digitally share validated
credentials about themselves (e.g. do I have a condition that requires a wheelchair, am I insured, don’t I already have another wheelchair). By using these validated credentials, healthcare organizations no longer manually need to check the validity of the information, and decision making can be automated to be realtime. Patients have full transparency what data is used where, and can share only the most limited amount of data necessary (e.g. I’m older than 18 instead of sharing my birthdate).

Within the Techruption co-creation ecosystem we are working with many organizations on creating the building blocks for Self Sovereign Identity that put citizens back in control over their data, and
allow realtime decision making.

We are looking for organizations interested in this technology to start pilot projects in as-real-aspossible environments, to fully understand the benefits and challenges this technology creates.