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Consortium blockchain


We focus on the development of our own experimental Techruption Blockchain Network, run by Techruption partners. The conclusions so far are that three aspects need to be decided for running our own blockchain, namely its business model (value proposition), governance (decision procedures) and technology (Ethereum, Hyperledger, …).

The value lays within the challenges of setting up a consortium blockchain and understanding the value proposition. We are currently working on 5 experiments with the topics; on and offboarding, legal & governance, business model, deployment SSIF, scalability.

You can download the first version of the blueprint document of the Techruption Consortium Blockchain here. This document has been developed by the participants in this use case since spring 2017. It provides a first design of the business model, the governance structure and the technical infrastructure. This deliverable was handed to Marc Wouters, community manager of Techruption, at the occasion of the Techruption Consortium Blockchain seminar on 9 March 2018. Read the story here.

Please contact us, if you are interested in joining the Consortium Blockchain use case, or to test and deploy your own blockchain application on this infrastructure.