Incentivizing sharing information on hazardous materials

Multi-Party Computing

The Odyssey Hackathon on Blockchain has been held in Groningen between April 12 and April 14, 2019. This is the largest Blockchain hackathon in the world. 100 teams competed in 20 tracks. A TNO Techruption team specifically worked on a track concerning “Incentivizing Sharing Information on Hazardous Materials”, developing and prototyping a solution combining MPC and blockchain that allows first responders to access sensitive data involving hazardous materials during disasters. Currently such data is not easily shared due to confidentiality of such data, privacy of the customers, potential risks for terrorism, etc.

We delivered a proof-of-concept solution to access sensitive information on hazardous materials using MPC and Blockchain. The solution is based on advanced cryptographic techniques to realize instantaneous information availability only at the time of a crisis. The solution preserves the confidentiality of the data thereby taking away the above disincentives.

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